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Rock stars: Mötley Crüe

Friday, Dec. 17, 4:30 p.m. ET The original members of Mötley Crüe, famous for songs like Smokin' in the Boys' Room and Girls, Girls, Girls, has announced a reunion tour. The band will hit more than 60 cities in North America and play several festivals in Europe before wrapping up the tour in southeast Asia and Australia. The band will release a double-CD greatest hits compilation with three new songs entitled Red, White & Crüe in February. Chat with the band members about their upcoming tour Red, White and Crue 2005... Better Live Than Dead.

Evansville, Indiana: Who will be supporting you on the tour?

Motley Crue: Nikki: We are in the midst of looking for someone we respect and would be refreshing and cool so it's a little premature right now. Now that the shows are selling out, we're looking for people to be a part of this tour.

Charlotte, NC: My favorite album that you guys made was generation swine, it was so different and the songs were very powerful and entertaining. What album do you think was your absolute best, despite album sales, and why?

Motley Crue: Tommy: Swine is a great record, my personal favorite is Swine as well as the one we did with Gurobi.

League City, Texas: Will the Crue write a entirely new CD after the reunion tour?

Motley Crue: Nikki: One step at a time.

hilde cleveland,oh: I remember sleeping on the pavement overnight to buy tickets to see you guys!!! I will be returning to see you guys rock the Gund in Feb with my 14 year old son!! ... in what ways do you feel that your music writing has changed? What inspires your lyrics now? I cant wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Motley Crue: Nikki: I think that we're not necessarily so unique as musicians in the fact that we evolve and to put a label on that evolution is hard to do. But as we evolve as human beings our lyrics will too.

Sydney: When the are you coming to Australia

Motley Crue: Mick: I think we have plans on going there, it's not on itinerary as I see. But we are planning on going to a lot of places, including Australia, maybe China. South America, lots of places like that.

Lake Delavan, wi.: Cool, the Crue is back! My favorite Crue song is "wildside" but I like most everything! How do youse guys go about writing your songs? Do you go with guitar first? I was in a Black Sabbath tribute band, (bass guitar) but now I want to do my own music.

Motley Crue: Mick: A lot of times any of one of us come up with up with a lick, we take it from there. And as a band we take it to the next level. When I bring in an idea we all work on it together.

Nikki: We're not one of those bands that are like "this is our idea" we have an interesting chemistry and we share those moments.

We are a unique machine.

Detroit Michigan: What is it like being back together after all the years? Do you all have the same feeling like you did years ago? I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE ALL BACK TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!

Motley Crue: Mick: I don't think we broke up as a band, we never really did. We separated, like you would with a spouse, and we had different directions at the time. And we decided to get back to business, we got back together, and it felt just like yesterday that we playing tours. We look forward to playing all over the world. It's like everything is brand new again and it's a lot of fun to relearn and get reacquainted.

Mick: It's all about the makeup sex.

Portsmouth, VA.: At the moment ... who are some of the hottest bands (aside from yourselves, of course) ... i.e. what's in your CD player?

Motley Crue: Mick: I haven't heard a really hot band in a long time, they all seem to be this bastardized folk music. On my CD player is all the new Motley songs and I keep listening to them and relearning old and new stuff all over again.

Nikki: I think there are interesting bands although I agree with Mick. There's a lot of weeding through to find something interesting. I dig Static X, Joss Stone. There's some interesting stuff out there as far as blowing me away, the new Queen, new Black Sabbath, I'm waiting for them and I can't wait.

Lea Haworth, Van Nuys: Nikki I notice you wearing an AMEN armband, don't you think thats a bit weird as amen is pretty vocal about hating "rock stars" and being rock stars is what Motley Crue are famous and loved for? (Love all you guys though, and Mick's my hero!)

Motley Crue: Casey is a really good friend and I had Casey open for me and another band I was doing. What Casey is anti is establishment, anti-corporate, he's pro for people that are passionate about their music. I support other bands that are passionate as we are. He's a big Motley Crue fan.

Santiago, Chile: I was wondering if they have confirmed the dates of South America and if Chile this within its itinerary.

Motley Crue: Mick: I think this tour the closest we're coming to Chile is Argentina. You never know, but I think that's it.

Winfield IL: Have you ever thought about releasing a DVD with behind the scenes footage of your past years? There has to be some videotape somewhere of that. I know I came across some photos of Vince and Tommy having a little fun with some girls on the Vince Neil Website. lol I think that would be [great] to release a behind the scenes DVD to let the fans experience Motley on say a little more personal level. It's in the past, no one can change it. So why not release it? Steve Ryan

Motley Crue: Nikki: We've always been forthcoming with our personal lives whether it's on video, no pun intended, or otherwise. We have a book and movie coming out in Paramount. So it's not far-fetched that one point we won't dig into our archives. The problem with that is the rating. We're not hanging out drinking milk if you know what I mean. But we'll look into that.

Newburgh, IN: Any chance of you bringing the "Dr. Feelgood Tour" back-up singers with you on tour? What are they up to these days?

Motley Crue: Mick: Nope. Whether or not we're doing something similar to that we don't know yet. They're old women now. ...

South Gate CA: What's the most craziest thing you guys have ever done? What are the things you guys like to do in your spare time?

Motley Crue: Mick: I went to the bathroom in the bathtub and then threw it over the balcony and then I lit a door on fire. And this is all before 9 a.m.

Syracuse NY: During the tour will songs from ALL albums be done? Including the albums that all four members weren't a part of namely Crue 94 and New Tattoo ... those albums [are great] and would love to hear something from them LIVE

Motley Crue: Vince: I would think so yes, but we have been talking about stuff like our traditional stuff but there's also stuff that may be some obscure tracks. Anything goes on this tour.

Washington DC: It is great to hear that the band is getting together for a reunion tour. It is also great to see the longevity of bands like Motley Crue and Metallica. What do you think the formula of success is for bands to keep such a successful career?

Motley Crue: Mick: Persistence, not letting go and keeping hold of what you started out with. I think that everyone at anytime in any profession gets tired of their work and the people they work with and anything else and staying together, the persistence on keeping the idea in mind of where you came from and what you're about and keep the hunger going and keeping your dreams and passions alive and where it's going to go. That's how you make it.

Napier, New Zealand: Hey guys, awesome [great] new song ... please can you come to New Zealand, even if it's only to play one concert!! Will ya?

Motley Crue: Nikki: I'd LOVE to go New Zealand.

Vince: It's the highest bungee jump in the world, with a 10-second freefall.

Cadiz, Ky: What should we expect from Tommy Lee's drum solo and will you guys ever consider touring with Metallica as a double headliner??

Motley Crue: Tommy: I don't know what it will be yet, but I can guarantee it will be totally crazy so you can expect that.

Anaheim: When you create your song list for concerts, from what Motley Crue album do you like to perform most?

Motley Crue: Nikki: We don't have one album, there are fans that want to hear the traditional stuff but we want to play stuff we haven't played in a long time or stuff that we have never played.

South Lyon, MI: You guys are the 4 raddest dudes ever to walk earth man. Any new news on the Motley movie?

Motley Crue: Mick: We got the script, but it will be a movie.

San Francisco, CA: This tour you are selling VIP packages that include a meet and greet with the band, what is going to happen during the meet and greet? Will we get to be part of the wild backstage Crue parties?

Motley Crue: Mick: We used to beat people with plastic bats. That's our party.

We've been asked to do this for years, we meet fans after the show, there's a really bring the Crue ... it's a really aggressive package thing. There are a lot of bands that do it, we decided to give it a shot. You get a lot of great things, it was nice to find out they sold out even immediately. We were worried that people wouldn't want to put out that money. But it sold out!

Los Angeles, CA.: What's next for the Crue after the tour?

Motley Crue: This tour is really what's next for us, we're not there yet. What happens after that is so far from today it's so hard to get into it. It's really about the tour right now.

Sarver, PA: Will it be a CLEAN show? Can my 13 and 11 year old come?

Motley Crue: Mick: I'm dropping trou on stage.

Tommy: Only on school nights, we are in negotiations with Barney and the Powder Puff girls.

We're going to be Motley Crue, we're the same as always.

Atlanta, GA: Hey Mick, what guitar/amp combination are you using for the upcoming tour? Terry M

Motley Crue: VH2, Marshall, Rivera, Crown

Crue City CA: What do you consider your best song and why?

Motley Crue: Nikki: I think it's like asking which one of your kids are your favorite, so I can't answer that.

Springfield, Missouri: If you were to pick just one song from all of your albums in terms of representing what the Crue is all about, what would it be?

Motley Crue: Tommy: If we had one album this would be an easy question. There isn't one song that represents us. There's many.

Comment from Motley Crue: There have been a ton of questions from fans asking when we will come to play in their areas. That's really cool, thank you for your support. There have been lots of petitions and radio stations asking for us to play, so we're going to try our best to come see you. We're excited to tour and see you soon! Thanks everyone!

Comment from Host: We're out of time, thanks everyone!
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