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"Mountain Song" more Satch by Axe

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This is a redo of one i recorded out of was driving me crazy 4 tracks of guitar and the backer....your honest opinions on this would be appreciated as always..thanks


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thanks eamon & Flair....its off the Album "Strange Beautiful Music"....alot of other great tracks on there too...this is one of the few recording that im happy with...i hope yall enjoy it:bannana_g

ps..the backer has that kick ass rythym part and i have to give some credit to whoever made it.
thanks yakamashii & Mike...yeah kindof been flooding the board with satch lately..on a kindof vacation this weekd and doing alot of stuff ive been putting off...especially this tune....thanks for all your support.....this place is completely responsible for the guitarist i am thanks again
thanks DrCode, supercharged 350, & Sling Shot for your time and appreciation of my hard work...:thumb:
thanks Wah, Goport,Bluesplayer..for your comments and reviveing this old thread....ive gone through some changes since ive recorded this but glad you liked it....though i personally find Wah's version to be much cooler to listen to...this was one of my better tracks:rock:
thanks Axe2g...this song is of the Album "Strange Beautiful Music".....thanks for your comments and glad you have a new satch song you like. I personally aam waiting to hear some new stuff from Joe this spring:thumb:
thanks wig.....Wah's version was really awesome and make me want to get a better version such a great song IMO
1 - 7 of 19 Posts
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