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The history of the BBC Four, Blues America, brings a new look in this documentary. Usually bringing unpublished images and making stress upon the sound of racial personal suffering and misery. The blues is often described as primitive music born in the cotton fields of the Deep South. Blues Latin sees men and women who first sang the blues as innovative, using the latest media to take their music to the public. had one foot in the cotton field, the other was firmly planted in the entertainment world. This is the story of how the blues with cross borders - from black to white, from south to north, from weak to strong.

If the blues began as a popular music that was sold almost immediately. WC Handy, a black musician educated, was fascinated by the new music that had a bad reputation, where he heard around him - the blues. Handy 'St Louis Blues' was a success sheet music in 1914. With the advent of records in the 1920s, women singers like Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey, who developed his art in traveling shows of tents, he became the first blues recording stars. The film shows that, initially, black women were more capable than black men to sing the blues on his own terms. Soon, explorers brought record guitarists like Blind Lemon Jefferson and Charlie Patton's ears black audiences. An intense blues style flourished around the cotton and juke joints of the Mississippi Delta.

Music also was recorded by a new type of folklorist Alan Lomax and John, who went south, wanting to bring serious black popular music as art. With innovations microphones and radios, blues singers like Leroy Carr developed a subtle softer style. By the 1930s, the economic downturn led to tens of thousands of black Americans in rural poverty in the south to factory jobs in the North. Blues musicians that go to cities such as Muddy Waters and Howlin 'Wolf, were about to change the world. In collaboration with Keith Richards, the Taj Mahal.

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