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**This is another VHS transfer from my collection and should only be considered referance material.**

Someone has to have a better copy. I can not find a match to any searches on any of the major hosting sites to compare this copy of the show to. Hopefully one will be shared in the future.

The Palace of Auburn Hills
Auburn Hills, MI
1995 March 31

VHS>DVD(JVC DR-MV1)>VideoPad(editing)>MP4

Video size: 720x480
Audio: 128bit 48khz
Compression: MP4 (2006kbps, 29 fps)
Video Codec: H.264
File Size: 1.72 GB
Play Time: 02:03:05


Bring It On Home
Ramble On
Thank You
Shake My Tree
No Quarter
Gallows Pole
When The Levee Breaks
Hey Hey What Can I Do
The Song Remains the Same
Since I've Been Lovin' You
Calling To You
For What It's Worth
Season of the Witch
Dazed and Confused
Four Sticks
In the Evening

Black Dog
Kashmir (cut)


The first 10.5 minutes are pretty rough to listen to. My copy
is old and it's a few generations down the line from a very
poor dubbing process. Tales of Bran and The Wanton Song are
completely missing. Kashmir is cut near the end.

Mostly shot from the Big Screen from the CC footage at the

Enjoy the Show.

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