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**This is another VHS transfer from my collection and should only be considered referance material.**

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant
Charlotte Coliseum
Charlotte, NC
1998 May 26

VHS>DVD(JVC DR-MV1)>VideoPad(editing)>MP4

Video size: 720x480
Audio: 128bit 48khz
Compression: MP4 (1699kbps, 29 fps)
Video Codec: H.264
File Size: 1.29 GB
Play Time: 01:48:45


Egyption Intro (audio source MSG 1998)
The Wanton Song
Bring It On Home
Ramble On
Walking Into Clarksdale
No Quarter
Burning Up
Going to California
Gallows Pole
When I Was A Child
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
How Many More Times
That's the Way
Most High
Whole Lotta Love
Thank You
Rock and Roll

This video was distributed through a video tree back in 1999-2000. I was a branch on this project, so this source is already at 3rd gen, best case scenerio. (Appears to be even higher generation then that though). Included is the original artwork.

I've changed the audio for the Egyption Intro as the original was subpar to the rest of the recording. There are also a couple other minor edits that were made, mainly to the way the source was originally edited.

Enjoy the Show.


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Thanks very much!:hsdance: Very enthusiastic audience.

I notice the mp4 lineage is from a DVD. Could you post the dvd version as well? In any case, these Page/Plant shows are greatly appreciated.
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