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Here is another one of my masters.

Mr. Big
Shakeys, Hershey, PA 11/11/00

Take Cover
Green Tinted Sixties Mind
A Rose Alone
Alive & Kickin
Price You Gotta Pay
Hiding Place
Wild World
Dancing With My Devils

part one link:

Voodoo Kiss
Hole In The Sun
To Be With You
Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy
Billy Sheehan solo
Addicted To That Rush
30 Days In The Hole
Colorado Bulldog

part two link:

Recorded with a Radio Shack CTR-59 handheld cassette recorder, remastered with Audacity. Consider the source, about the average audience cassette recording with pretty clear vocals. There are several cuts to check on when the tape needed flipped, was a little drunk and couldn't keep track of time.

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I always thought Mr. Big were underrated. Both times I saw them (here and in 1992 supporting Bryan Adams) the crowds were kind of dead.

Before this show I heard some people in the bar saying something about they only had one song that anybody remembered. Probably the same people that only buy number one records because they are number one records. I couldn't help but think of the low turnout that night in contrast to the large venues they played in Japan. Guess it's no wonder why they haven't toured that much in the States since reforming.
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