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Mr Marcaille
Duisburg, Germany
Platzhirsch - Festival
23. November 2018

Minimax-master-series #1100

Master - Audience recording
recording position: middle of the front row, keeping a secure distance to the artist
Equipment: Zoom H4N with Sound professional microphones SP-CMC-8
sound-quality: excellent, just some cracks in track 01 (right at the start when he's entering the stage)

here's something I've never heard or better: seen before. Mr Marcaille doing some raw, heavy freak one-man-band - metal.
See him on youtube. Just sitting there in his underpants, grwoling and crying, playing his cello and drums, spitting, doing some burps,
haaving some nose-schnodder flying around, just sweating - this was special. Loved it, disgusting show.

Mr Marcaille


Support this monster-man
Go to his concerts
Buy all his merch and recordings

Never ever sell this one! No MP3s please....!NddFzQJS!YRH1F-iijbkbD5w2i4TO4Q
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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