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Hey Mr. Police Man
What do you think you're doing
What poor soul is it now
That you've set out to ruin
And hey Mr. Police Man
Under your criminal star
Hands behind your back
Before you go too far

And Mr. Police Man
Why dont you understand
When will you see the light (CHORUS)
It dont matter no how
You took a solemn vow
Then you broke our rights

Hey Mr.Police Man
Why do you feel you must
Go out of your way
To make one more bust
And hey Mr. Police Man
Enough bloods been shed
So lower that pistol sight
Thats tight against your head

Hey Mr. Police Man
Where do you think you're going
In the dark of night
When you think nobodies knowing
Hey Mr. Police Man
When its time to pray
After you spread em wide
What might you say

Laugh as tears roll down
To make mud from dust
Just a little too much force
To gain the childrens trust
Hey Mr. Police Man
Heavenly juries dont budge
Verdicts are passed down
By the one true judge
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