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The VX3500 combo combines the best selling classic Hartke 3500 amp with a killer Hartke speaker cabinet loaded with four 10" Hartke VX speakers and a high frequency driver.
The VX3500 provides 350 watts of power to the built-in 2-way bass speaker system.

With that kind of power and Hartke's custom designed transducers, the VX3500 is extremely live and punchy. In addition, the VX3500 offers a number of additional advanced features, including front panel compression and graphic equalizer LED indicators, effects send and return jacks, an effects send/return balance knob and a direct output with ground lift and pre or post EQ selection.

• Amp section features tube and solid state preamps, bass, treble and contour controls, 10-band graphic EQ and variable compression.
•Cabinet features 4 x 10 in. traditional paper cone drivers and a high frequency compression driver.
• Solid-braced cabinet construction, with recessed side handles.
• 10-Band Graphic EQ
• Adjustable Compression
• Balanced XLR Out
• Effects Send & Return
• Bipolar Design
• Passive/Active Input Jack

PLUS Heavy duty guitar amp flight case manufactured to fit. Manufactured to high standards with 9mm birch phenol coated plywood, steel fittings and internal foam padding and heavy duty wheels, making it ready for the rough and tumble of gigging and touring. The shallow base design allows you to use your amp/cab whilst sat in the base of the case with the lid lifted off.

Hatke quality professional 350W Combo with heavy duty custom built flight case - both in Excellent condition. Combo has just been fully serviced.
Contact: [email protected]
Mob: 07413013095
Location: Hertfordshire. UK
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