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yeah, i'm a here's most of my stuff...

PRS Custom 24
Les Paul Custom
Dean USA HardTail Pro
Dean EVO Premium x2
Dean Custom Z-90
Hamer Special P90
Schecter C-1 E/A
Fender Am Std Strat
Custom Strat

Rivera S-120
Carvin MTS 3200
Bedrock BC-75
Fender Blues Deluxe

Mesa V-Twin
Behringer 4x12s
Marshall 2x12s
Fulltone CS FullDrive II
DigiTech BadMonkey
Peterson VS-II Tuner
Morley Wah/Volume
Boss NS-2
Keeley Compressor

22 Posts
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LOL....i figured the 'indulgence' might get a couple questions about a piece of gear i have, thus starting a conversation....on a topic in which i might even make sense... :crazy:

i traded a pedal for the JackHammer about the same time i bought my TS-9 which is more to my taste...the JH sounds all right to me...kinda picks up where the TS leaves off and goes into a much heavier sound....i preferred the OD over the Distortion on it...around 9:00 to 10:00 on the OD knob...
somebody looking for a heavy sound this side of the Metal pedals with a Marshally type tone should like it...
sounded best into my Bedrock which uses EL34s...
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