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I just bought a new Behringer V-Tone GMX110 Combo ! It lists for 229, but I payed 150 for it. wahoo!

Analog modeling
30W power
10" Jensen speaker
2 channels
27 modeled sounds
24-bit effects processor with chorus, flanging, phasing, rotary, auto-wah, echo, delay, compressor, and combinations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FXT function
Dynamizer signal enhancement circuitry
MIDI control

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Ive got the gmx212. I like the straight-forward marshall sounds i get out of it. But, over the last month or two, ive been getting a loud, intermittent static like sound. And its nothing to do with my guitar. It happens when the guitar isnt plugged in. Lucky ive still got a few months warranty left on it. As long as you dont run into any problems, you should be happy with the sounds :icon_thum
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