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My new Drum rig, soon to be ready to record!!

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So I've been busy since I first posted here on the forums!!
(see here - - )
I did a lil shopping and bought all new DW hardware (due to adding another 2 cymbals!! gotta have a reason to replace stands) and a new DW Hhat stand that has a extra pedal on it for a cowbell/woodblock. Goes well with my DW 9002 pedal!!
BTW. I now play 10 drums and 18 cymbals, what a kit!! Octobans are at the studio.

And to benefit you guys I bought around 11 CAD Drum mics, I was wary of the price but due to my rooms layout and the other fun toys I just bought this week. the drums sound AWESOME!! I'm still fighting with the overheads though.

And the ultimate drummer rig I bought all in one deal!
12 Chanel Euro rack, Virtualizer pro(effects processor), Dualfex pro (sound enhancer/ exciter), Feedback destroyer pro, 4 chan Multigate(noisegate/ limiter/ exciter), Stereo 15 band EQ, and a QSC 800watt amp!! All in a easy roll around package that came home wired up even!! The Rane stuff was mine before this buy. But I just happened to go up to Guitar Center at the right time one night. right after some guy decided to sell EVERYTHING! Pulled his van up and unloaded it all!! I showed up an hour later and 500$ Later it was all mine!! (yeah you saw that right.. 500 flat!!!) Wires and all.. only thing they pulled was a Guitar feedback killer. Funny thing about this though. I was just up there last week looking at buying a noisegate and sonic maximizer!! woulda spent this on just those two items! and I got a mixer and amp for free!! SO..

I've been spending my free time recording as much as I can, getting all the settings just right. there wont be any multi tracking, no dubing, no frills. just bare bones live takes (just how I like it). From this rig it goes directly into my puter and is recorded as a mp3 on the fly. with so far great results! I will be doing more reading up on getting the perfect sound though. SO there you have it. Draggin's Den has be updated and moved to a higher gear! BTW, Man its nice being able to play my drums with isolation headphones on and not have to put up with the volume! and hear everything clear as a bell. Eh
Shoulda done this a long time ago! Thank you guys for kinda making me move to this new level!! I'll have some goodies for you guys in no time!! Rock On!

L8Z FreakZ
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Very Nice :icon_thum :rock:
WOWEEE man thats a nice rig. i wonder how you find your way through that room man. ohh yer and how tha fuck do u get to the drums to play. is it like a flip over the front onto the seat or what. :scratch: :shock:

cant wait to hear some recordings.
Wow! If that was a room in my house, I dont think i would ever leave it.

Very nice:thumb:
Room is actually pretty big. The JBL speaker isn't normally there and I roll the new rack all over the place.. So far I'm really impressed with the recordings. No noise or rattles from anything! I thought for sure I'd have problems with the bookshelves I have in here but it acts as a sound diffuser.

No need for back flips to get into the set but being hammered can make it difficult!! :drunk:

Theres just a small bit of space between the wall of god and the 14" side tom, All of which is attached to one stand (as you see I do alot of) So I can pick up the whole stand/toms/ and ping china and remove it!! Putting the new PA rack in its place for easy level setting!! SWEET!

Depending on how awake I am today, I might pump out a track or two so I can get some input from you guys.. Well I'm back of to watch the end of this crap ass lets see how many power words we can say infront of the camera, boo hoo I'm god cry for me, it's been so rough with all the money cars and women, LARS WILL YOU PLAY A NORMAL BEAT!! Metallica some kind of monster dvd.. MAN I'm so glad I Pirated it, Cause I woulda sued them to get my money back!!! :rant:
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Looks really great! I can hardly wait 'til I hear your drum track for my Pink Floyd cover. ;-)
Looking forward to hearing that stuff man! Get on with it!!!!! :rock:
Holly shit! It looks a lot like Mike Portnoy's kit!

shit! nice purchase!!!!!!
fantastic deal!
Hey beating the crap outta those things yet? :icon_peac
Right now hoss!! LOL Hope to have some goods for you all later tonight. I have to run to the drum shop to get a few new heads though cause these bastages are ringing like a drunkin chior!! Once the muse is upon my and i'm warmed up i'll toss a few of those ideas on your tracks wah wah!!

Edit!! OH My freaking Monkey butt!! Everything sounds so perfect as long as I stay far away from the 10" and 12" tom!!! (kinda concaved them at the last show) Even my unmiced 18 thunders though the mix! but man that 10 is all buzz! Ok they are open now so off I go to get new head! Awesome.. listening to my lil rock out. I can't believe its me.. NICE!!
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