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i was wondering if anyone on this site could give a quick tutorial on how to make a neck (and truss rod installation) w/fretboard on a bolt on electric. thanx in advance for any help :thumbup:

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I've made 5 guitars (inc a double neck) (used to be a bench joiner ;) ) and ther aint a quick tutorial, i never followed any plans except to copy the scale length off my les paul for all my guitars ;)
i added my own truss rods with a simple threaded rod, the fretboards were made out of either rosewood or ebony, rosewood is yer best bet or maple, ebony although looks cool is quite a brittle wood, be careful when fretting it.

cutting yer slots for frets, this can be tricky and there are tools for it, being the cheap skate i was i used a small panel saw, the type ya get from the market for a quid, i reset the teeth using a saw set & file to be the right width for the fretwire
once i'd cut all my frets and they were put in i cut the panel saw in half and converted those 2 bits into scrapers, you'll need the scraper when ya start shaping the neck and getting the smooth finish

always measure twice!! and cut once, it's a cliche but when ya pay for bits of rosewood/ebony you dont want to bugger em up

There are loads of sites out there on this topic, use google, here's one site from a quick search

The neck is THE most important part of the guitar imo, take your time when shaping it and also adding the fretboard!
i used to add plastic edges to my fretboards too for the cool finish, this adds a nice finishing touch, takes a bit more time to file the plastic/frets down etc but its worth the hassle
careful you dont take too much off the neck, and before you start to put the finish on play it for a week or so, that way you can redo any part of it once your happy it plays nice, a light sand will be all ya need then before its coated, always use a sand sealer too before applying a finish, obviously wet & dry between coats, ya can get glass like finishes :)
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