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Digitech GNX4!!

I started playing again about 9 months ago after about 10 years away from guitar and realized that I wanted a new amp. I went through a pretty exhaustive search of amps in the $300-$500 price range.

I was initially in love with the Line 6 Spider III 75. It had all of those presets to play with, got pretty loud for home practice, etc. It had a CD-input jack which was nice to use for backing tracks.

I also tried the Line 6 Pod XT plugged into my old Crate 60-watt solid-state. Again, there were a lot of presets and cool, customizable effects. I could also plug headphones in and play without an amp - nice feature for late-night practice.

I tried the Vox Valvetronix amps, Vox Tonelab, and various others, including the Crate Palomino series.

One day I was at Guitar Center and noticed the Digitech stuff and started playing around with the GNX4. After a few minutes playing with it and reading about the features, logic hit me and I bought it to take home to play with. It is without a doubt, hands down, the best piece of guitar equipment that I can think of that is on the market today. It has got tons of amp/cab models, loads of effects and an expression pedal, BUILT-IN 8 track recorder, stereo line in/out, mic inputs, MP3 player built-in, etc.

I really cannot say enough about the GNX4. I am in no way affiliated with Digitech. I just wish that someone has steered me in this direction a lot sooner, so if it helps you out and gives you a nudge in a direction you wouldn't have considered then I will be happy to have helped.

What I love about the GNX4 is this: I can load up the memory card with about 100 MP3's, put on my headphones and jam along in stereo to any music I want. Trust me, I tried to do this same thing with all of the other options I listed out, and they all fail miserably. With a traditional amp, you can't get a full range stereo playback for your MP3's.

You can tweak effects and settings all you want, but you DON'T have to if you just want to sit down and play. There are tons of good presets that you can use right out of the box, including good metal tones. The GNX4 is a little pricier than the Spider III ($500 vs. $300 - you can find some deals on the GNX4 on E-bay though), but what the GNX4 does is SO worth the extra money. Do yourself a favor - stop looking for amps and go buy a GNX4 right now.
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