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Hate to beat a dead horse...... I have- MIM Strat with Duncan Scorcher for bridge, Seymour Duncan SHR-1N for Mid And stock for neck (the bridge and neck are getting SHR-1's soon) I need a reliable, affordable half stack. Any suggestions? I want to play with friends, for home I have a Crate XTR15R but I def need something bigger for practicing with them and hopefully gigging. I recently got into 80's metal (Y&T, Priest, Savatage, ect.) and discovered my previously unused bar, pinch harmonics and dive bombs :) My friend Uses a Mesa Tube rectifier and, while really nice it's also really expensive. As a side note tuning problems- gone. Graph Tech nut, saddles and string tree, I can't say enough good things about them. WAY better tone, and of course tuning stability. Thanks in advance Oh yeah, almost forgot check out my Father in law's band at
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