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Alright, I'm going to show how much of a noob I am with this question, but so be it. I'm entirely new to rack equipment and need to get a handle on some basics. I have the following pieces to string together:

TC Electronics G Major
Alesis DEQ230 dual channel equalizer
ISP Decimator Pro Rack G
BBE 882i
Peterson StroboRack Tuner

First off, is there anything to be gained by ordering devices in a particular configuration (i.e., effects processor before eq before whatever...)?

Second, with regard to how to set up the chain: when sending from my amp head effects loop (Marshall JVM410H) to, for example, the G Major, I run into the input on the G Major and then from the output on that to the next input in line (let's just say the Alesis EQ). Then from the output on the Alesis to the input on the Decimator and so on down the line until the last rack device, where I run from the output back to the effects return port on the amp. Is that correct?

Again, I know these are perhaps dumb questions. But I don't want to cause any problems by wiring things incorrectly. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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