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hey, i just got an rg 550. wondering whats the history of it. like when its made,what kind of trem. the model number is F0123332.
the wierd thing is that the endoresement behind doesnt have rg 550. and the headstock also doesnt say rg series.

the body is white with a black pickguard and headstock is white. it has inlays that look like holes in the board(cos its a mirror). pickups are v8,s2,v7.

however, its a wonderful playing guitar and the floyd nv goes out.

also, do i have to look out for anything with the floyd? such as special care? since i dont want to spoil such a marvel.

thanks so much guys.

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Long Duck Dong, I refer you to Ed Roman's website...specifically his section on Dating an Ibanez Guitar:

Dating an Ibanez Guitar

Seems yours dates to June 2001.

The new RG guitars do not tell you what model you have purchased, rather they simply say RG Series on the headstock.

You can dig around the Ibanez Collectors Website for more details on your specific model by searching in the discussion forum for it.
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