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I want to replace the cheap "licensed" Floyd tremolo on my OLP MM1 (EBMM Axis copy) guitar with an original (German) Floyd Rose. I'm sure the existing nut is as cheap as the copy tremolo, so I want to replace it as well... but I dont know which locking nut to order. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of this guitar no longer exists (and hasn't for 20-years), and I could not find any specification information on the web regarding the neck of this guitar.

The Floyd Rose Nut Sizing chart was easily accessible online... but MY problem is I DONT KNOW HOW TO ACCURATELY MEASURE THE GUITAR NECK, OR WHAT TOOL I WOULD USE TO DO SO.

I realize I could just have a professional luthier order the unit for me...but I would like to purchase this tremolo PRIOR to taking it to the luthier, as purchasing the trem unit from him will inflate the price substantially!! Can ANYONE here assist me in exactly HOW to measure the guitar neck?

I realize from experience that the chances of getting a reply on this forum is like winning the Powerball...TWICE, but any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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