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Please help, I have a B-52 AT-100 tric-rec head that just went out on me this past weekend. It was apparently hooked up wrong by someone who didn't know what they were doing with the amp hooked to 16ohm on the selector for the head running to 4ohm mono on the cab. The head crapped out and blew the fuse.

I replaced the fuse today and turned it back on, still nothing, nor did anything else blow (which I thought was odd). Toyed around with replacing most of the tubes at Guitar Center to see if anything would help but the amp is still extremely quiet despite any of the volume settings. This amp is pretty loud, I don't think I've ever ran the master past 4 or 5 and it's plenty loud to gig with and today I had it nearly cranked to the max and it sounded as if the master was somewhere between 1 and 2.

Anyone have any suggestions or possibly have an idea as to what I should look at replacing next?
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