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Neil Young
Paramount Theatre
Oakland, CA
March 20, 1999

An Evening with Neil Young Solo Tour - West Coast

CD1 [1:12:59]
01. On the Way Home
02. Looking Forward
03. Goin' Back
04. Out of Control
05. Cortez the Killer
06. Don't Let it Bring You Down
07. Mother Earth
08. Homegrown
09. Silver and Gold
10. Daddy Went Walkin
11. Distant Camera
12. Ambulance Blues
13. Southern Pacific

CD2 [1:11:16]
01. Old Man
02. Horseshoe Man
03. Kansas
04. Harvest Moon
05. Slowpoke
06. Long May You Run
07. Good to See You Again
08. From Hank to Hendrix
09. Down By the River

10. Tell me Why *
11. War of Men *
12. Albuquerque *
13. Last Trip to Tulsa *
14. Red Sun *

Neil Young - vocals, guitar, banjo, keyboards, harmonica

1chucho notes:

This 1999 Oakland show is one of those Neil Young performances that's filled with jaw dropping moments from start to finish. In 1999, he was at the absolute top of his game. The voice is warm and sweet, hitting those high notes or dropping to a growl. And the guitar playing is sublime. The jewels from this performance include Goin' Back, Distant Camera, Kansas, and one of my favorites, Slowpoke. But it's the wondrous Cortez the Killer that's the real high point of this concert. It's paced perfectly with that harmonica providing just the right amount of pathos and bittersweetness. Listen to how the audience reacts as it realizes what Neil is about to play. It's a beautiful moment.

Lineage: Neuman KM 54's > DAP 1 > DAT > CDR EAC > wav > mkw > shn > Adobe Audition (recut) > FLAC
I seeded this performance in 2012 and received the following comment from dime member kpotterman on 11/21/12: "This is my recording. They are km-54 mics from the 1950's. Here is the lineage: km-54's > Tracy Korby Tube P/S > DAP 1. Recorded from the front row. DAT mastered on bias peak in 1999. I'm new to this dime stuff because I've had no internet where I live. Bummed that some one bootlegged it though..."

*) fillers: 1999-03-19, Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA (lineage unknown)

Notes on Sound Quality: Excellent+ audience recording (some occasional coughs)

The artwork folder contains various and sundry covers from different corners of the internet. Use at your discretion.
Convert to lossy for personal use only-share only LOSSLESS recordings.
Please support this artist-purchase official recordings, attend live performances regularly, and visit the websites:


"Live Music is Better"
April 2015

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