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Neil Young
Elektra Demos 1965 & More

Recorded in Elektra Records' studio in New York, September 1965, which might make the session appear more

impressive than it actually was. These solo acoustic tracks, Young has recalled, were sung into an old tape

recorder on a metal chair. Engineered by Peter Siegel.
First time available in stunning sound quality!
Bonus tracks are from various live and TV shows.

01. Sugar Mountain
02. Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
03. Run Around Babe
04. Don't Pity My Baby
05. I Ain't Got The Blues
06. I Ain't Got The Blues
07. I Ain't Got The Blues
08. I Ain't Got The Blues
09. The Rent Is Always Due
10. When It Falls, It Falls Over You
11. Everybody's Alone
12. Traces
13. Love Art Blues
14. Stringman
15. Southern Man
16. Give Me Strength
17. Lady Wingshot
18. Amber Jean
19. Let Your Fingers Do The Talking
20. Helpless
21. Down By The River

More information can be found here:

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