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Nektar - London, Borderline 2nd September 2009

Audience Master/FLAC

Sound: Very Good

01. Crying inthe Dark > King of twilight.
02. Dr Kool > King of the Deep.
03. Dream Nebulae > Desolation Valley.
Disc 2
04. A Day in the life of a Preacher
05. Recycled
- Encore
06. Good Day > Woman Trouble.

Line Up:

Roye Albrighton - Lead Vovals, Electric Guitar
Peter Pichl - Bass
Klaus Henatch - Keyboards, Vocals
Ron Howden - Vocals, Drums & Percussion

Source: Sony ECM-719 mic > Edirol R-09HR (44.1 Wav, 16 bit, Low Cut - off, Limiter - off, mic gain - Low, plug in power - on)
> Adobe Audition > TLH > FLACS > Zip > You.

I recorded this about 4 meters back from the stage just slightly to the right of Roye. (What an amazing guitarist - listen to how
he plays both chords and lead simultaneously. Absolutly brilliant to get a good look at his technique.

I saw them last Novemebr in the same place and that was the full on Nektar show 2 & 1/2 hours or so no support and more importantly no light show at all,
but this show they had a support from the quie interesting Audioporn (I didn't record them). So Nektars show was only 90 mins or so. And for me that made
it not as good as last time. I think the only differnt song they played was Woman Trouble the second encore song. Also I found the PA poor too and there
were several slight feedback rings during the set, roye has to ask for more vocals a few times too and also some appalling distortion during Recycled
- this was defintly there on the night and not an artifact of the recording.

Im just being picky - Nektar themselves were superb and giving it their all. I think this line up has really jelled and sound just as good as the original
Nektar (which I have seen). I would fully reccomend catching them live - especially when its their own show and you get the full on experience.

Recorded by SA
Enjoy! Don't sell.

A Genuine Space Rock Preservation Society Master Stereo Recording. SRPS CD112/3
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