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What Nervous Gender should I Post?

  • Live at the Hong Kong Cafe 1979 [7.28.79]

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  • “Hepcats from Hell” on KPFK radio, Los Angeles. [9.79]

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  • Anti Club, L.A. [12.06.79]

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One of the best synthpunk bands besides the Screamers. Those two are also my favorites. =D I also like Nervous Gender's stuff during their Phranc era in the late 70's (1978-1979). However, I don't think I have enough Nervous Gender and I believe there are more of their recordings doing the rounds but I can't find them.

Here are the bootlegs I have:
Live at the Hong Kong Cafe 1979 [7.28.79] 8/10 quality with 13 tracks
Live at the Whiskey A Go-Go 1980 [2.28.80] 6/10 quality with 11 tracks
“Hepcats from Hell” on KPFK radio, Los Angeles. [9.79] - 5/10 quality 17 tracks from the actual broadcast with 2 bonus tracks from other shows
Anti Club, L.A. [12.06.79] - 6/10 quality 6 track incomplete version with cuts all over the place (looking for complete version!)

Anyone have any more Nervous Gender, especially the early stuff? I highly suggest their debut, Vanguard Gallery [1979] and Benefit For Los Angeles Women's Video Center, Lace Gallery, L.A. [4.13.79] with Phranc calling the audience pussies and dykes AND especially the complete version of Anti Club, L.A. [12.06.79] and a lot of others, not just early era but any era from when they were around back in 1978-1991. Please and thank you! In the meantime, while I wait for the orders I am going to post a poll of what Nervous Gender show I should post first...
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