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Just some news on an album that my old band are putting a track on. Check the Iron Maiden meets Marvel Comics cover...neat! For details on where to buy the album, go to

Debut release from US-based label OLD SCHOOL RECORDS (common project of Mike Grindstaff of Old School Metal Show and Bart Gabriel of Dragonight Agency) will hit the streets this Hallowen! ""Total Metal Attack - New Wave Of British Heavy Metal" CD compilation will include the following tracks: BRONZ / CHRIS GOULSTONE “Fugitive”, PAGAN ALTAR “Flight Of The Witch Queen”, GROUND ATTACK “Motorbike Song”, AGONY BAG “Venus Flytrap”, SOLDIER “Natural High”, ATOMKRAFT “No Escape”, IRONHEART “Last Chance”, JJ’S POWERHOUSE “The Watcher”, BLOOD MONEY “I Was Wrong”, BLACK ROSE “Get Off Your (High Horse)”, DISTRAINERS “Last Rat”, E.F. BAND “Hard, Hot And Heavy”, BURNER “Old Enough To Know Better” + bonus track: DEEP SWITCH “Pigfeeder”. Almost all of those tracks weren't previously released! Don't miss your chance to find ultimate NWoBHM anthems!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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