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<font color="yellow"> One thing you have to say about this killer keyboardist, is that he knows how to pick the shredders that surround him. His new CD, Mythology is no exception. Here is a partial list of the tracks, and the other musicians onboard:
1) Day of the Dead - Holdsworth/Wylde/Goodman
2) Alpha Burst - Stevens
3) God of War - Wylde/Sykes
4) One Way Or Another - Holdsworth/Goodman/Philpot
5) Trojan Horse - Tichy
Day of the Dead starts out with some heavy licks from Mr. Wylde, and continues to grab the listener by the throat. Each musican adds his own color to the performances. I highly recommend this hot new disc for any adventurous axeman. It's not quite Planet X, and not Dream Theater, but it smokes!
I caught Derek this summer with Virgil Donati on drums, and our good buddy, T.J. Helmerlich doin' the sweeps. Rufus Philpot is the master bassist from hell, and he is one mean mother on bass. Derek always attracts unique musicians, much like Frank Zappa R.I.P. did for so many years. </font>

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