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I have a motor function disability that limits my right-hand speed, precision, and ability to hold a pick. I love guitar sounds and I'm determined to play finally in my thirties, but I'm at the beginning and I don't have enough experience to know which of two approaches to try, so I'm asking for advice from my more experienced peers. Either approach will take a lot of adaptation of technique, setup of the guitar, and creative muting with my left hand, so the decision of where to begin is non-trivial. My right hand can strum comfortably and reliably, but fine picking or precise muting are out.

My music taste: blues, rock, jazz, improvised/jam music

Option 1:
Slide guitar: I can use a slide, whether in standard or open tuning. I love slide guitar sounds like those of Duane Allman, Derek Trucks, Sonny Landreth, and Robert Randolph. More than that, those artists have really shown me the versatility of slide styles. My concern is the ability to play rhythm guitar and support other musicians with a slide, which seems more suited to lead playing. Mostly I need perspectives on the feasibility of slide for rhythm/support playing in standard or open tunings.

Option 2:
Fretted playing using chords. Artists like Wilko Johnson, Cory Wong, Wes Montgomery, and Jim Mullen have inspired me to think of how creative muting with chord shapes can create a versatile sound while not being particularly precise with the strumming hand. The only concern I have here is the limitations with the lead style and missing the slide sounds I enjoy so much.

Your thoughts on my options are appreciated. Thank you.
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