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Nick Cave - 2014-07-26 - Brooklyn, NY
(Audience FLAC)

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
July 26, 2014
Prospect Park Bandshell
Brooklyn NY, US

source: AT831 (SP-CMC-2) > SP-SPSB-6 > sony PCM-M10 (24/48)
taper: inez
location: pit, 4 rows from Nick’s stage right ‘diving platform’
Mastering (BLG):
Adobe Audition (edits) > Izotope Ozone 5 (EQ,Exciter,Imaging) > WavePad (tracking) > xACT (tags) > FLAC

Monster Nick cuts us no slack at all!! Golden sparkling shirt instead of a black one. Brooklyn is back to 1h 55min with ‘all in’ GA insanity. 2 support acts; but the action started at 7, so Nick and the boys were up by 8:30 and over at about 10:30.
Before I go any further, I HOPE SOMEONE TAPED HAMMERSTEIN - I just couldn't remain on duty, I was too beat (when I was whining to my friend about it, though, she said ‘Well - he is actually DOING all the shows that you are just attending’. I see her point!

This was stunning, and I think Nick ‘lost himself’ a bit in good way - there must be nothing like a full-packed GA crowd in the park. It makes him happy :) He called us ‘FANTASTIC’ a couple of times. BTW, since I haven’t I mentioned that before: Nick does not favor people filming. He motioned to people to put away their phones and cams at every show and just focus on the LIVE thing. Well, I am an avid filmer, but I can’t imagine filming Nick when he stares you in the eye singing/screaming/burning… I wouldn’t. A couple of other bits: he forgot the lyrics in the middle of Red Right Hand and waited for people to remind him. You can hear ‘whatever’ and ‘exactly!’ :) Starting The Lyre of Orpheus, he told someone: ’you’ve got to listen to the first part of this - or you’re not gonna know what the fuck is going on’ - totally cracked us up :) Also, before they played that last song they disappeared for a while (2nd encore break) - the stage crew already got the lights up and started unplugging shit on stage - when the band ran back to us again. Nick changed into a white (not soak-wet) shirt.

Now, tape-wise - folks, I had no idea (arriving after doors, still needing to pick up my ticket at ‘will call’ and seeing a mile-long line to the gate) that I would end up 3 bodies away from the stage directly in front of Nick’s right ‘diving platform’. I started under the stack, but things just shifted to the middle gradually… You DON’T want to be there for taping. Not because of the sound quality - I think it was very good actually!! And my levels were set perfectly, no adjustments needed through the show… But the audience will (and did) go nuts. And I mean NUTS - you can hear clearly when Nick was at our ‘island’ - Higgs Boson Blues took the biggest hit from the audience noise. I got hit on the head (mics!) multiple times with various arms stretched out toward Nick, and I had to hold my hat with one hand, and support half-suspended Nick with the other. I mean… I have done GA pit in Mexico City Foro Sol. My spot last night would probably count as the 2nd densest on my resume. So I really really really counted on BLG for some voodoo with mastering!!! And here we are.
I sincerely hope you like what came out and this effort was worth it ;)

01 We Real Cool
02 Jubilee Street
03 Tupelo
04 Do You Love Me?
05 Mermaids
06 From Her To Eternity
07 West Country Girl
08 Love Letter
09 Into My Arms
10 The Weeping Song
11 Higgs Boson Blues
12 The Mercy Seat
13 Stagger Lee
14 Push the Sky Away
15 -encore break 1 -
16 Red Right Hand
17 Deanna
18 -encore break 2 -
19 The Lyre of Orpheus

Total Time: 115:20


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