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Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets
Vienna, Austria
Stadhalle, Halle F

source: Audio Technica U853 - AT8532 - Sony M10
taper: kozakz

duration: 1:43:59

01 Interstellar Overdrive
02 Astronomy Domine
03 Lucifer Sam
04 Fearless
05 Obscured By Clouds - When You’re In
06 Arnold Layne
07 Vegetable Man
08 If
09 Atom Heart Mother (Parts I-IV)
10 If (Reprise)
11 The Nile Song
12 Green Is The Colour
13 Let There Be More Light
14 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
15 See Emily Play
16 Bike
17 One Of These Days
18 A Saucerful Of Secrets
19 Point Me At The Sky

We had an excellent seat for recording the show.
There were zero bag search at the entrace what was a surprise for me.
Austrians are really keen on the bag search at the gates.
I could have use a bigger and better rig for the recording.

Audience was excited, but quiet during the songs which was also a big surprise for me.
Austrian likes to talk and not really enthusiastic during the concerts.

Enjoy and feel free to use for future video release from the concert!!beoHCQ6I!Pvj9XUFHs91--qAcZ1ZqpQ

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Huge thanks!

I was suprised at "checking in". No wating outside for hours, no bag search and metal detectors, cozy hall inside with bar and toilets....

The show was outstanding. It was a joy to hear these songs from the early years.

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Thanks for sharing!
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