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Norm Reid Live
at Nakashima
2200 Holmgren Way, Green Bay, Wis.
(thur.) Oct. 15th,2009

1st set

1-Route 66 (Troupe)
2-Don't Let Me Down (Lennon)
3-Danger Zone (Reid)
4-My Wife's Hometown (Dylan)
5-Twenty Flight Rock (Cochran)
6-Life Is Hard (Dylan)
7-Stop Breakin' Down (Johnson)
8-After All These years (Reid)
9-Train Song (Waits)
10-Ain't She Sweet (Yellen)
11-Honest With Me (Dylan)
12-Sugar Baby (Dylan)

The Musician:

Norm Reid-Vocal,Guitar, Harmonica(2,7,8)

Included are a stage shot and a photo I found at my space.

The link:

I'm still having health problems and won't know if I'm out of the woods for another month. But listening to music helps.



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A re-post:

Norm Reid Live
Green Bay, Wis.
October 15th 2009
2200 Holmgren Way

1 Route 66 (Troupe)(A)
2 Don't Let Me Down (Lennon)(Ab)
3 Danger Zone (Reid)(Em)
4 My Wife's Hometown (Dylan)(D)
5 Twenty Flight Rock (Cochran-Capeheart)(A)
6 Life Is Hard (Dylan)(F)
7 Stop Breakin' Down (Johnson)(G)
8 After All These Years (Reid)(G)
9 Train Song (Waits)(C)
10 Ain't She Sweet (Agar-Yellen)(C)
11 Honest With Me (Dylan)(E)
12 Sugar Baby (Dylan)(C)
13 Is It Free? (Reid)(C#m)
14 Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Harburg-Arlen)(C)
15 Twilight Time (Ram-Nevin-Nevin-Dunn)(G)
16 Blues Wherever I Goes (Reid)(Dm)
17 The Gypsy Said (Reid)(E7)
18 This Dream Of You (Dylan)(G)
19 It Won't Be Long (Patten)(A)
20 There's Nothin' (Emberger)(C)
21 Jolene (Dylan)(Eb)
22 Fix Her Coolin' Machine (Reid)(E)
23 Melissa (Allman)(E)
24 Visions Of My Lifetime (Buckner)(A)
25 Turn & Face The Blues (Miller)(Gm)
26 Moonlight (Dylan)(E)
27 Carolina Blue (Reid)(A)
28 Yodel Up The Holler (Reid)(A)
29 Make You Feel My Love (Dylan)(A)
30 Love Sick (Dylan)(Em)
31 I Can't get You Off Of My Mind (Williams)(C)
32 Midnight (Reid)(D)

The link:

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