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Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London,
November 5, 1995

Quality: A++ / Soundboard [Fradoca Remaster]

The original sound was a a little bit too bassy, the guitars and the voice were a little bit lost in the mix, the stereo separation was not so good and the recording levels were too low.
So i've adjusted the eq, brought transients back to life, improved the stereo separation and maximized the whole mix with L3.

1. The Swamp Song
2. Acquiesce
3. Supersonic
4. Hello
5. Some Might Say
6. Shakermaker
7. Roll With It
8. Round Are Way / Up In The Sky
9. Cigarettes & Alcohol
10. Live Forever

1. Champagne Supernova
2. Wonderwall (acoustic)
3. Cast No Shadow (acoustic)
4. Morning Glory (acoustic)
5. Don't Look Back In Anger
6. Whatever
7. I Am The Walrus****
8. Rock N Roll Star

**** Removed, was featured on official release "There And Then"

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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