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Hi guys..
I have a Vox 125 Lead , made in England, mint to excellent condition all Tube head. I acquired this head and the cabinet (that has the old blue speakers) about 15 years ago. I am wondering a approximate price for this- I have not been able to locate this model, let alone ballpark price. Perhaps a Vox forum anywhere that someone knows of??

Ebay had a very beat up AC-30 sell for around 1700.00, and that amp looked so messed up, and broken down, not to mentions someone had cut holes in the cabinet, then home wired some wires on top of it! My amp head is similar to the AC-30 but seems to have more features or knobs..
I am considering selling ? Not certain.
I have St Louis music wanting to help out with an endorsement for me, and this old amp is not really serving my currents needs..

Any ideas Please let me know at Http:// or post to here..

I have pictures also.

Thanks guys..
Amy Schugar
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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