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Old & In The Way
July 21,1973 a
The Lion Share
San Anselmo, Ca

Jerry Garcia
David Grisman
Peter Rowman
Vassar Clements
John Kahn

Lineage:[email protected] ips(Recorded by Betty Cantor on her Nagra)>[email protected] 3.3/4ips.(Jerry Garcia copy)>R @3.3/34 ips(Will Boswell)

Transfered and mastered by Matt Smith 5/11

This(7-21-73) is from the famed "Debbie Stash" that Will copied back in early 1979. the rehersal has circulated but the late show from the Keystone has never surfaced until now. the real cool thing about this is that it gives the listener the whole scope of a typical day for Jerry back then. You know, get up, go to the GD office maybe, then rehease with your bluegrass buddies then decide you are going to do a gig at the Keystone that night!! This time period was probably a very happy time in his life and it comes through in his playing here..

rehearsal session:

01.Someone Calling My Name 4:11
02.On And On (false start) 0:53
03.On And On 3:39
04.Tuning/Talking 1:15
05.Lonesome Fiddle Blues 2:59
06.Tuning/Talking 1:39
07.Land OF The Navajo* 6:59
08.Going To The Races 3:18
09.Land Of The Navajo 8:25
10.Cedar Hill 4:57

01.Tuning/Talking 1:22
02.High Lonesome Sound 3:42
03.Hobo Song 5:23
04.Wild Horses 4:44
05.Lonesome LA Cowboy 4:29
06.Tuning/Talking 2:05
07.Pig In A Pen 3:04
08.Tuning/Talking 2:22
09.Kissimee Kid 2:56
10.Kissimee Kid (do again) 3:07
11.Tuning /Talking 1:22
12.Midnight Moonlight 5:12

Link :

Old & In The Way
July 21,1973b
Berkeley, CA

the show

Disc 1

01.Cheyenne 1 2:59
02.Down Where The River Bends 4:34
03.Love, Please Come Home 3:01
04.Midnight Moonlight 2 5:19
05.Fanny Hill 3:39
06.Hard Hearted 2:57
07.Lonesome L.A. Cowboy 4:29
08.Pig In A Pen/Panama Red 5:34
09.Wild Horses 4:40
10.White Dove 4:18
11.Wicked Path Of Sin 3 3:00
12.Blue Mule 4 4:43


01.Crowd/Tuning 0:49
02.Old & in the Way Breakdown 4:19
03.Orange Blossom Special 3:41
04.On and On 3:43
05.Lonesome Fiddle Blues 3:07
06.The Fields Have Turned Brown 4:39
07.Muleskinner 2:43
08.Catfish John 3:03
09.Land of Navajo 8:17
10.Hobo Song 6:03
11.High Lonesome Sound 4:05

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