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Back at a Summer's end in 1967, I did my usual hang-out at Don Weir's Music City in San Francisco. I saw this and took it home! Unlike today, you will only see a few guitars displayed and if you want one, well it could take forever to get the one you liked. At that time this little music shop was where a lot of the local (famous and garage) groups hang internet then.

It's a Gibson ES-345 that I babied, frets a little worn, body showing the nitro checkering, gold plating worn in places; but still the same awesome sound! I don't know if it's mental or if I hear it; but nonetheless, it takes me on a music high.

I've had an older Les Paul at the same time and used it primarily to gig. I wore down the frets and I gave it away in the early '70's. Yeah, right...I'm kick'n myself for giving away my battle axe!

Now, I only jam once in awhile. The Marshall is retired also with a fairly new Twin Amp. They're just too loud to get to the sweet spot! I bought a Hotrod Dlx that I keep in the trunk of the car...just incase. I've heard problems with the PC board on the Hotrod; but on the whole it's a great amp and easy to carry for small venues for this oldie rocker!

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