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I've posted elsewhere that Im trying to compile the songs Elvis performed in On Tour so I can create a "soundtrack" for the movie. When done I will post my finished project. However, there are a few things I'm missing. First does anyone have "I Got A Woman-Amen" and "You Gave Me A Mountain" from the Hampton Roads concert? I am OK with DVD rips, but since I don't have the DVD and I don't know how to rip DVD audio I was hoping someone can help me out.
Secondly I wonder if there is a better version of the San Antonio concert then "Welcome To San Antonio"? On songs like Proud Mary and Burning Love, only Elvis and a guitar seem to be audible. I know that disc 4 of Close Up (I assume a boot) is listed so I wonder if this a better recording.
Finally does anyone have the On Tour Rehearsals FTD they could post?
I realize this is quite a load to ask for, but I'm hoping with Elvis fans cooperation and help I can post a complete soundtrack for On Tour. After that I will tackle TTWI.
Thanks to all who can help!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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