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jimihendrix said:
could a compressor/limiter be used inline...or as a vst insert to make sure the signal doesn't clip...??? signal goes to the odb bar and occasionally drifts into the red...but i've never experienced clipping myself... :icon_peac
you technically could... but you may run into the same problems that radio stations have.

Radio stations are required to not go above 0db... if they do, there is RF spatter across the spectrum. So they have thier amplifiers that boost thier broadcasted signal... On the amps you have the VU meters. after 0db, it's red zone baby!

Well with this... some dumbass DJ's think that it will be louder to the people if it's past 0dB. In actuality, the limiter in the amp will compress the signal to a point where it is back in the 0dB range. This compression takes some of the frequencies out of the music, much like an mp3 does, to save the bandwidth/amplification.

So it may work, but it may also sound like crap... it'll just be something to experiment with, but it's always better to try to get as close to pegging the needle, without actually doing it!
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