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Otis Rush and Buddy Guy -
Fifth Chicago Blues Festival,
June 10, 1988


Otis Rush Set:
01 Everything's Gonna Work Out Fine
02 All Your Love
03 Crosscut Saw
04 I Wonder Why
05 Instrumenral w/Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy Set:
06 Five Long Years
07 Yonder Wall
08 Things I Used to Do
09 I Smell A Rat>Gamblers Blues jam w/Otis Rush


-DC & phase corrected
-track 06 had heavy clipping, with other tracks less so
-balanced gain
-repaired clicks & flat/dead spots

Nice full sound & a more balanced now.
Otis got a little tongue tied with his Buddy intro.
On the last track, it took them a bit to get their styles in sync,
with Otis(slow hand) & Buddy(speed demon)
Great performance with in your face guitars.
DJ points out KPLU on this one, but has been widely circulated in various other ways.

Thnx to where this came from
Original info included, click to view

bluebomber 2014

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