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Ozzy Osbourne -
Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland UK
February 16, 1986

Sony Condenser Ommnidirectional>Sony WM-R2(Automatic levels)> Master tape (BASF LH-EI 90) > Aiwa WX220> Monster Cable>Medion SAA7134 SOUNDCARD>Audacity> CD WAVE>FlacFrontend (Level 6)
6db Bass boost at 200 Hz, amplified by 6db

Disc 1

2.Bark At The Moon
3.Suicide Solution
4.Never Know Why
5.Mr. Crowley
6.Shot In The Dark
7.I Don't Know
8.Killer Of Giants

Disc 2

1.Flying High Again
2.Secret Loser
3.The Ultimate Sin
4.Iron Man
5.Crazy Train

Ozzy Osbourne - 1986-02-16 Edinburgh, SCT flac.rar - FileFactory
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