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PAGA GROUP : New Morning, Paris, 30 January1989
Bernard Paganotti : bass
Klaus Blasquiz : voice
Bertrand Lajudie : keyboards
Claude Salmieri : drums

1. Intro Urantia 1’09
2. Talk Back 9’22
3. Mitchinoku 13’15
4. Haunted 10’50
5. Showtown 5’11
6. In A Spiral 8’30
7. Memorial 6’45
8. King For A Day 14’53
9. Final d’Urantia / Short Cut 5’51

Zeuhl music at its best : 2 former MAGMA members (Paganotti & Blasquiz) with 2 other high profile musicians who also played sporadically with Magma in the 80's.

Excellent audience recording in the famous New Morning Club in Paris.
Concert is short but complete (75 min).

Included is a high resolution artwork.

Paga - Showtime 1989

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Great Thanx, but I think It's from 1987 (I've have this date from Y. Julliac the producer for the Weidorje Album)
I'm pretty sure of the date.
1987 would have been one year before the release of Paga Group's first album "Haunted" (1988). And they're playing here many tracks of this album. Obviously this concert (from the beginning of 1989 then) was to coincide with the release of the album.

Moreover, in the beginning of the show, Blasquiz says "welcome to the very first real concert of the Paga Group".
In fact there was a previous Paga concert in 1988, in L'Excalibur at Les Halles in Paris, but not billed as Paga Group.

But no concert in 1987 as far as I know.
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