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PAGE & PLANT - Out In The Green, Frauenfeld, Switz July 8, 1995

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Out In The Green, Frauenfeld, Switz
July 8, 1995

«Out In The Green» (CD-R Bootleg)

Taper: E. M. - Edited by ASL (Active Sound Lab)
Source: Audience (Master Tape)
Quality: A+

Complete performance (recorded outdoor) with typical "noise" around, but although it sounds very good. So play it with high volume!

Equipment: SONY Scoopman NT-1 (with ECM-TS120 Mic)

Transfer: CD-R >> EAC v1.1 >> FLAC (q5) >> YOU!

Disc One: (58:36)
101 Thank You
102 The Wanton Song
103 Bring It On Home
104 Ramble On
105 No Quarter
106 Gallows Pole
107 Yallah
108 Since I've Been Loving You
109 The Song Remains The Same
110 Whole Lotta Love

Disc Two: (55:49)
201 Calling To You
202 Instrumental
203 Light My Fire
204 Break On Through
205 Dazed And Confused
206 Calling To You (cont.)
207 Four Sticks/In The Evening
208 Black Dog
209 Kashmir (incl. Fireworks!)

Jimmy Page - Guitar
Robert Plant - Vocals
Charlie Jones - Bass
Michael Lee - Drums
Porl Thompson - Guitar
Nigel Eaton - Hurdy Gurdy
Ed Shearmur - Keyboards, Piano
The Egyptian Pharaohs
The City of Zurich Symphony Orchestra (a few members)

Note: Only for trading and sharing here on Dime! Do not copy to a lossy format!!

The cover artwork (design exclusively by GYX ART) is included!
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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