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Pantera (Dime & Vinnie Paul)
Z Rock Studios
Dallas, TX
November 1, 1990
AM Broadcast • 9/10

In commemoration of the 5th Anniversary of the death of Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott, I dug up an old cassette that I had recorded nearly 20 years ago. While promoting their new album "Cowboys From Hell", Dimebag (then known as "Diamond Darrell") and his brother Vinnie Paul stopped by the Z Rock Network studios in Dallas, TX and hung out with DJ Madd Maxx Hammer, took phone call requests that Dime would play on a very cheap guitar and amp. The result is about 100 minutes of hilarity. I was listening to some of this as it happened in my car and nearly drove off the road a couple of times laughing so hard. It's a crappy AM recording, but you really don't need much more because there isn't much music, other than Dime's guitar slaying. Most tracks are pretty short, so there are a lot of them.

Track Listing:
Disc One:
1-01 Pantera's Buds/Geetar Shit.mp3
1-02 Foxy Lady.mp3
1-03 Trial By Fire.mp3
1-04 Something By Death Angel.mp3
1-05 Lounge/Concubine/Iron Man/Paranoid.mp3
1-06 Headphones Suck/Kickstart My Heart.mp3
1-07 Ace Belt Buckle/Twist Of Cain.mp3
1-08 Hang Ups.mp3
1-09 Angel Of Death/South Of Heaven/Just Got Paid/Oh Well.mp3
1-10 Daugters Of The Queen.mp3
1-11 Holy Smoke/The Trooper/Lemmy.mp3
1-12 Contest/Wasted.mp3
1-13 Sweet Child/Jungle/Patience.mp3
1-14 Painkiller/Heading Out To The Highway.mp3
1-15 Holy War.mp3
1-16 Diary Of A Madman/Crazy Train.mp3
1-17 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.mp3
1-18 Stairway To Heaven.mp3
1-19 Cruisin'.mp3
1-20 Something By Oliver Magnum.mp3
1-21 Primal Concrete Sledge.mp3
1-22 The Green Manalishi.mp3
1-23 Romeo Delight/Unchained.mp3
1-24 Holy Diver.mp3
1-25 Try To Do The Right Thing/Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue.mp3

Disc Two:
2-01 Harleys.mp3
2-02 Something By Hellstar.mp3
2-03 Hello From The Gutter/Tom Jones.mp3
2-04 Master Of Puppets.mp3
2-05 Back On The Bitch.mp3
2-06 Who's To Blame.mp3
2-07 Jason Becker & Marty Friedman.mp3
2-08 Popular In High School.mp3
2-09 Pussy Tight.mp3
2-10 Looks That Kill/Live Wire.mp3
2-11 Coming Out Of Commercial.mp3
2-12 Can U Deliver.mp3
2-13 Man Of Your Dreams/Bubble Butt.mp3
2-14 Turn Off The Radio.mp3
2-15 Toxic Waltz.mp3
2-16 Breakin' The Chains.mp3
2-17 Call Of The Wild.mp3
2-18 Something By Napalm Death.mp3
2-19 Turn Your Radio Down.mp3
2-20 It's Joe.mp3
2-21 Live Wire.mp3
2-22 Cowboys From Hell.mp3
2-23 Heavy Metal Rules.mp3
2-24 Cat Scratch Fever.mp3
2-25 Crazy Train/Parisienne Walkways.mp3
2-26 South Of Heaven.mp3
2-27 Scared.mp3
2-28 Blind In Texas/Ride The Lightning.mp3
2-29 Something By Kreator.mp3
2-30 Sin City.mp3

Enjoy! :rock:

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thanks -

you didnt happen to record the Impaler show on Zrock in Jan 1991 ? My AM copy is bad... (Courts horrible line noise from his bass amp didnt help the sound either)

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AMAZING!! ThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanks!!

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impaler on zrock

I don't have that one- I never knew Impaler were on ZRock. I think my recorder would have been rolling for that one. Dude, AM radio SUCKS. ZRock had so many great concerts broadcast, but the shitty AM signal was horrible. I have to admit I miss ZRock a whole lot.
thanks -

you didnt happen to record the Impaler show on Zrock in Jan 1991 ? My AM copy is bad... (Courts horrible line noise from his bass amp didnt help the sound either)

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I know its an old thread, but does anyone have a copy of this they can upload to a working site? Would really like to get my hands on this. Original link is dead and gone.
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