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Parliament-Funkadelic -

Liberated Bootleg - "Rocky Mountain Shakedown"
SBD (??)
CD > eac > WAV > FLAC

1. Children of Production
2. Mothership Connection (Starchild)
3. Swing Down, Sweet Chariot
4. Dr. Funkenstein
5. Coming Round the Mountain
6. Medley: Give Up the Funk >
Get Off Your Ass and Jam >
Night of the Thumpasaurus People
7. Cosmic Slop
8. Red Hot Mama
9. Medley: Let's Take It to the Stage >
Take Your Dead Ass Home

Suprisingly good quality when considering the age of the recording, and the general rarity of live recordings of this group from this period. While the bootleg lists only "Funkadelic" as the group, I am thinking this was most likely a Parliament gig (perhaps even complete with the Mothership landing), but since I don't have any proof I've decided to just call the artist, Parliament-Funkadelic.

It's George Clinton, and that shines through!



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IIRC, George Clinton's Parliament and Funkadelic were mostly the same members, so they toured "together." They played as one group, changed outfits, and came back to the stage as the other group, so this was likely a P-[Funk/B] show with the descending "flying saucer."
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