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Pat Metheny Group
Michigan State University, McDonel Hall Kiva
East Lansing, MI, USA
October 31, 1979
(most likely performance date and venue)
[LATE BREAKING EDIT - Our sleep-deprived art department tells us this: "It's clearly the late show - after Airsteam Pat tells the crowd the past 3 shows were great and mentions it's the 2nd night of 2, so..."]

A Goody Speed/Pitch-adjusted Remaster

Soundboard recording (A/A+)
SBD>? >CDR >EAC (secure mode) >FLAC frontend >FLAC (level 8, aligned on sector boundaries) >

Goody's additional lineage:
foobar2000 (WAV) > Audition (Pitch Bender, various amounts; tracking updated; glitches/dropouts repaired; levels adjusted) >
iZotope RX8 Advanced (Azimuth & Phase adjusted) > TLH (FLAC Level 8; Align sector boundaries; .ffp) > foobar2000 (tags)

Pat Metheny: Gibson ES-175 electric guitar, Guild GAD 40c acoustic guitar
Lyle Mays: Steinway piano, Oberheim Modular 4 Voice, Autoharp, Yamaha YC-20 Organ, Yamaha CP-30 Piano
Mark Egan: Fender Precision electric bass
Dan Gottlieb: Ludwig Vista Light and Ames Drum Co. drums, Paiste and Zildjian cymbals

01. Phase Dance (Metheny/Mays) 7:47
02. Airstream (Metheny/Mays) 7:33
03. Pat's remarks 1:31
04. April Joy (Metheny) 4:48
05. Unity Village (Metheny) > solo guitar > The Windup (Keith Jarrett) 12:51
06. The Epic (Metheny/Mays) 15:55
07. Old Folks (Willard Robison/Dedette Lee Hill) 7:36
08. Jaco (Metheny) 4:03
Runtime: 62:04

Covers by ethiessen1 - Thanks!

ledwhofloyd's comment at Dime:

"On the third track, Pat Metheny says that a new album is just a few days away from being released. American Garage was released on November 1, 1979. Based on the Pat Metheny database (PMDB|The Pat Metheny DataBase) this show is probably either 1979-10-30 or 1979-10-31. It is probably 1979-10-31 because he mentions that they "GOT" to play 2 nights here - past tense.

East Lansing, Michigan, United States
MSU Michigan State University, McDonel Hall Kiva"

Goody's notes:
The speed/pitch of the source ran quite fast, averaging approximately 48 cents sharp, and has been brought back in tune.
Tracking has been updated - 'The Windup', the final part of a medley which began with 'Unity Village', has been relocated to the end of track 5.
Some people like splitting these. In this case I prefer them joined together as played, (although given the right occasion I might choose to split something like this up.)
Many small glitches and dropouts have been repaired individually and manually.
Many thanks to all involved in the creation, capture and sharing of this great show!

This edition - September 12, 2021


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Grabbing now @ the Dime
but wanted to chime in and say thanks for everything
but the Metheny is especially appreciated
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