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bluepowder vs PatentAppliedFor (10 votes to win)

  • bluepowder

    Votes: 2 100.0%
  • PatentAppliedFor

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PatentAppliedFor vs Bluepowder(NIB solo interpretations)

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orite...heres da lead i used to play with muh band when we used to cover this song... :icon_thum
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Here's mine, me on bass, rhythm, lead & vox. Had to compress it some so it wasn't too huge =) Les Paul R8 (don't have an SG!! ;) thru Boogie Dual recto lead parts, Les Paul Custom on the rhythm, tracked on my Tascam 788.
hmm i thought we were doin only a solo :notme: ...oh well...if its ok wid da mods...can u(patent) just put in da solo....just to keep things equal...

ps...can this battle be paused until the change is made??? :icon_thum
ok someone seems to have voted oredy :nunu:
whoa!!! i had to go with bluepowder.. man sid, that was incredible!
but great job also paf!
hehe thanks man...but i am still waiting for the mods to give their decision:)..cos the criteria for da song are different so i request ppl to refrain from voting yet :icon_thum ..thanks and sorry for themixup
I can hack up the track if need be, missed the bit about solo section *only*.
Also - which solo section are we talkin about? There's 2 in mine.
any solo on nib will do man :icon_thum ..just like mine
There's 2 solos on NIB, feel free to add the outro on yours. here's the edited cut. :icon_thum


k man whatever suits u....i dun think i cal record an outro...exam time hehe :grin:
Um I think we should just start it over to be safe.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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