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mp3 320 kbps

Patti Smith Feat. Bruce Springsteen & John Cale
A Real Good Time Together
The Bottom Line, New York, NY
November 26, 1976, Early Show
Good Audience


cd1-1 Monologue
cd1-2 My Car Was Invisible
cd1-3 Case Of Bruce Springsteen (Piano Bruce)
cd1-4 Jesse James (Piano Bruce)
cd1-5 We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together
cd1-6 Redondo Beach
cd1-7 Ask The Angels
cd1-8 Time Is On My Side
cd1-9 Playing With Fire
cd1-10 Pumping
cd1-11 You Can Dig It (Guitar Bruce)

cd2-1 Ain't It Strange (Guitar Bruce)
cd2-2 Radio Ethiopia/Rock 'n' Roll ******
cd2-3 Gloria
cd2-4 My Generation (Performer Bruce)
cd2-5 Land (Performer Bruce)*
cd2-6 Free Money (Performer Bruce)*
cd2-7 Gloria (Performer Bruce)*

* The Bottom Line, New York, NY, November 26, 1976, Late Show

Link (268,31 MB) -
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