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Paul McCartney and Wings
Kansas City, MO

Lineage>Audience Recording aquired in Cassette Trade>NAK BX-125>Lafayette LR-3030>M-Audio 24/96>Adobe Audition>Wav>Flackfrontend>Flac6>YOU
MP3 @ 128 Distant sounding vocals......
Artwork Included


Disc One

01-Venus and Mars/Rock Show 4:59
02-Jet 4:04
03-Let Me Roll It 3:55
04-Spirits of Ancient Egypt 4:21
05-Medicine Jar 4:19
06-Maybe I’m Amazed 5:43
07-Call Me Back Again 5:16
08-Lady Madonna 3:11
09-The Long And Winding Road 4:04
10-Live and Let Die 4:37
11-Picasso's Last Words 2:08
12-Richard Cory 2:55
13-Bluebird 3:58
14-I’ve Just Seen A Face 2:31
15-Blackbird 3:27
16-Yesterday 2:40

Total 62:18

Disc Two

01-You Gave Me The Answer 2:51
02-Magneto and Titanium Man 4:02
03-My Love 4:30
04-Let 'em In 4:03
05-Time To Hide 5:23
06-Silly Love Songs 6:59
07-Beware My Love 6:01
08-Letting Go 6:25
09-Band On The Run 6:24
10-Hi Hi Hi 4:43

Total 57:53

This is an updated version of my previous post. Basically two things have changed. First off Garfield was kind enough to provide me with a copy of Soily which was from the same source tape but missing on my original cassette. Secondly a couple of the track needed some speed correction. This recording speeds up as the show progresses. On the original post I had speed corrected some of the tracks towards the end. But there were a few I missed. So those have been corrected as well for this post. Because of a last minute addition of a second source for the Cincinnati show ( this has been bumped up to WT76-029. The only difference that will make is I re-did the tags on all the songs to reflect this change. If you have the original post most of this is the same and you only need to download the following tracks: 15,16,17,18,21,26 & 27, however, because of the tagging update the rest of the tracks will not align with your old tracks. Finally the artwork has a slight change on the back cover for the additional song and the number change.

Paul McCartney & Wings - 1976-05-29 Kansas City MO.rar - FileFactory

:tongueout :jayne:
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