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Interviewed by Jamie Cullum, BBC Radio 2,
February 7, 2012


SOURCE: Digital Capture (MPEG) > Soundforge PRO 10c (Resample to 41000 & save as .WAV) > FLAC Level 8

Jamie Cullum's Radio 2 Show this Tuesday Feb 7th at 7pm featured an interview with Paul McCartney,
supporting the release on Monday of the new album Kisses on the Bottom , working with Diana Krall
and prodced by Tommy LiPuma, and recorded at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles.

Press Release:

Paul talks to Jamie about the role jazz has played in his life, from growing up listening to his
father’s jazz band to their mutual love of Fats Waller.

Paul reflects on his days with The Beatles, from his and John Lennon’s shared love of composers
such as Gershwin and Cole Porter to how jazz subtly informed the way The Beatles approached their

“I met John and we both realized we both loved this old stuff. Two of his favourite songs were
“Close Your Eyes” and “Little White Lies” and I liked that about John, I thought - I can get along
with this guy.” Paul McCartney

He also talks in-depth with Jamie about his current album of jazz standards and original compositions
‘Kisses On The Bottom’, recorded at the world-famous Capitol Record studios in Los Angeles.
Paul tells Jamie how the album came together, from the initial inspiration to the great collaborations,
what it was like working with Diana Krall and producer Tommy LiPuma, and how his vocal style on the
album was influenced by Chet Baker.

Capture & Transfer, JTT

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