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LET 'EM OUT Volume 7
Pugin's Hall Rehearsals Nov 7, 1980
Remasters Workshop
RMW 685

The second batch of recordings recently unearthed is a bit of a conundrum. Much of this material was previously issued on "Let 'Em Out" volumes 3 and 5, but in edited or truncated form. It was reported to have come from rehearsals in Montserrat. This time, it's reported as being Pugin Hall on November 7, 1980. The recordings were presented as a continuous piece from the same session. Since we have no way to know, and this material is previously undocumented, we will leave it to the esteemed scholars in our midst to figure out where it's from and when. In any case, here it is in complete form, with extra material, including eight more minutes of the riveting "Denny's Song"! Be still my heart.

Track listing:

01 No Values
02 Your Lucky Day
03 Oh Boy / Peggy Sue
04 I'm Gonna Love You Too
05 Ain't That A Shame / I'm In Love Again
06 Rockin' In Your Seat
07 Fabulous / (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
08 Your True Love / Lend Me Your Comb
09 Goin' Back To Tennessee
10 Denny's Song (complete)
11 Improvisation

Download this bootleg here

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