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Paul McCartney -
Life Works 10 CD Set

Artwork Included
MP3 @ 196

Gone Tomorrow Here Today 1966-1969

CD1-1 Yesterday Performer – George Martin Orchestra
CD1-2 Love In The Open Air (7? Version)
CD1-3 Theme From The Family Way (7? Version)
CD1-4 Love In The Open Air Performer – Tudor Minstrels
CD1-5 Theme From The Family Way Performer – Tudor Minstrels
CD1-6 The Family Way Suite Performer – George Martin Orchestra
CD1-7 Jubilee/Junk
CD1-8 Gone Tomorrow Here Today
CD1-9 Down In Havana
CD1-10 Step Inside Love
CD1-11 Los Paranoias
CD1-12 The Way You Look Tonight
CD1-13 Can You Take Me Back?
CD1-14 How Do You Do Featuring – Donovan
CD1-15 Heather Featuring – Donovan
CD1-16 Goodbye (Demo)
CD1-17 The Palace Of The King Of The Birds
CD1-18 Teddy Boy/Junk
CD1-19 Another Day
CD1-20 The Back Seat Of My Car
CD1-21 Every Night (Version 1)
CD1-22 Every Night (Version 2)
CD1-23 Hot As Sun
CD1-24 Teddy Boy
CD1-25 Suicide
CD1-26 The Palace Of The King Of The Birds (Reprise)
CD1-27 Come And Get It (Demo Version)

A Love For You 1970-1971

CD2-1 Little Woman Love/Maybe I’m Amazed (Studio Outtake)
CD2-2 Maybe I’m Amazed (Promo Film Mono Version)
CD2-3 1882 (Demo)
CD2-4 Dear Friend (Demo)
CD2-5 Oh Woman, Oh Why (Acetate)
CD2-6 Rode All Night (Outtake)
CD2-7 Long Haired Lady (Early Take)
CD2-8 The Back Seat Of My Car (Early Take)
CD2-9 Sunshine Sometime (Unreleased Outtake)
CD2-10 When The Wind Is Blowing (Early Take)
CD2-11 Hey Diddle (Take 1)
CD2-12 A Love For You (Take 1)
CD2-13 A Love For You (Take 2)
CD2-14 A Love For You (Take 3)
CD2-15 A Love For You (Initial Take)
CD2-16 Brung To Ewe By (Skit 1)
CD2-17 Brung To Ewe By (Skit 2)
CD2-18 Brung To Ewe By (Skit 3)
CD2-19 Now Hear This Song Of Mine (Slow Version)
CD2-20 Now Hear This Song Of Mine (Medium Version)
CD2-21 Now Hear This Song Of Mine (Fast Version)
CD2-22 Smile Away (Mono Version)
CD2-23 Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (Mono Version)

Give Ireland Back To The Irish 1971-1972

CD3-1 Bip Bop (Acoustic Guitar Rendition)
CD3-2 Hey Diddle (Acoustic Guitar Rendition)
CD3-3 I Am Your Singer (Acoustic Guitar Rendition)
CD3-4 The Great Cock And Seagull Race (Take 1)
CD3-5 The Great Cock And Seagull Race (Take 2)
CD3-6 Mary Had A Little Lamb (Demo And Interview)
CD3-7 Indeed I Do (Demo)
CD3-8 Seaside Woman (Demo)
CD3-9 Blackpool (Demo)
CD3-10 African Year Year (Demo)
CD3-11 Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Instrumental Version)
CD3-12 Lucille/The Mess I’m In (Rehearsal)
CD3-13 Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Rehearsal Take 1)
CD3-14 Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Rehearsal Take 2)
CD3-15 Mary Had A Little Lamb (Early Take)
CD3-16 Mary Had A Little Lamb (Promo Film Mono Version)
CD3-17 Bip Bop (Live In Montreux)
CD3-18 Smile Away (Live In Montreux)
CD3-19 Complain To The Queen (Radio Interview)

Night Out 1972-1973

CD4-1 Eat At Home (Live In Copenhagen)
CD4-2 Best Friend (Live In Antwerp)
CD4-3 Soily (Live In Antwerp)
CD4-4 Cottonfields (Live In Antwerp)
CD4-5 Big Barn Bed (Rough Mix)
CD4-6 Thank You Darling (Unreleased Studio Outtake)
CD4-7 Moma’s Little Girl (Unreleased Studio Outtake)
CD4-8 Loup (Rough Mix)
CD4-9 The Mess (Unreleased Studio Outtake)
CD4-10 Single Pigeon (Rough Mix)
CD4-11 When The Night (Rough Mix)
CD4-12 Night Out (Rough Mix 1)
CD4-13 Night Out (Rough Mix 2)
CD4-14 Night Out (Rough Mix 3)
CD4-15 Night Out (Rough Mix 4)
CD4-16 Seaside Woman (Rough Mix)
CD4-17 Tragedy (Rough Mix 1)
CD4-18 Tragedy (Rough Mix 2)
CD4-19 Tragedy (Rough Mix 3)
CD4-20 Tragedy (Rough Mix 4)
CD4-21 Hi Hi Hi/C Moon (Radio Spot)

I Lie Around 1973-1974

CD5-1 Live And Let Die (Discreet 4-Channel Soundtrack Mix)
CD5-2 I Lie Around
CD5-3 Country Dreamer
CD5-4 Bridge On The River Suite (Backing Track)
CD5-5 Seaside Woman (Original Single Version)
CD5-6 Jazz Street (Long Version)
CD5-7 Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance (James Paul McCartney TV Special)
CD5-8 The End Of Another Day/Yesterday (James Paul McCartney TV Special)
CD5-9 When The Night (Live In Newcastle ’73)
CD5-10 Wild Life (Live In Newcastle ’73)
CD5-11 Maybe I’m Amazed (Live In Newcastle ’73)
CD5-12 Helen Wheels (Quadrophonic Front-Mix)
CD5-13 Let Me Roll It (Quadrophonic Front-Mix)
CD5-14 Jet (Promotional Edit Mono Mix)
CD5-15 Band On The Run (Promotional Edit Mono Mix)
CD5-16 Oriental Nightfish (Rough Mix)
CD5-17 Luxy (Radio Spot)
CD5-18 I Got Up (Instrumental)
CD5-19 Zoo Gang

Waiting For The Sun To Shine 1974

CD6-1 Wide Prairie (Rough Mix)
CD6-2 Dance The Do (Mike McGear Single Version)
CD6-3 Ten Years After On Strawberry Jam (Mike McGear & Wings)
1974 Home Recording Piano Tape
CD6-4 Million Miles
CD6-5 Mull Of Kintyre
CD6-6 I’ll Give You A Ring
CD6-7 Baby You Know It’s True
CD6-8 Women Kind
CD6-9 Getting Closer
CD6-10 In My Dreams
CD6-11 Rockestra Theme
CD6-12 Letting Go
CD6-13 Call Me Back Again
CD6-14 Lunch Box/Odd Sox
CD6-15 Treat Her Gently/Lonely Old People
CD6-16 You Gave Me The Answer
CD6-17 Waiting For The Sun To Shine
CD6-18 She Got It Good
CD6-19 Blackpool
CD6-20 Sunshine In Your Hair
CD6-21 Girlfriend
CD6-22 I Lost My Little Girl
CD6-23 Upon A Hill
CD6-24 Sea
CD6-25 Love Is Your Road
CD6-26 Sweet Little Bird
CD6-27 Partner In Crime
CD6-28 Suicide
CD6-29 Dr. Pepper

One Hand Clapping Rehearsals 1974

CD7-1 Hey Diddle (Early Take 2)
CD7-2 Nashville Interview
CD7-3 Hey Diddle (Final Take)
CD7-4 Sally G (Early Take)
CD7-5 Nashville Interview
CD7-6 Junior’s Farm (Rehearsals)
One Hand Clapping Tour Rehearsals
CD7-7 One Hand Clapping
CD7-8 Soily
CD7-9 Little Woman Love/C Moon
CD7-10 Bluebird
CD7-11 Let Me Roll It
CD7-12 Hi Hi Hi
CD7-13 Blue Moon Of Kentucky
CD7-14 Soily (Alternate)
CD7-15 Suicide
CD7-16 Let’s Love/Sitting At The Piano/All Of You
CD7-17 I’ll Give You A Ring
CD7-18 1985
CD7-19 Baby Face
CD7-20 Blackbird
CD7-21 Blackpool
CD7-22 Country Dreamer
CD7-23 Biker Like The Vanilla Sky/Great Day
CD7-24 Proud Mum
CD7-25 Proud Mum (Reprise)
CD7-26 Tomorrow (Instrumental)

You Gave Me The Answer 1975
Venus And Mars – Early Takes And Alternate Mixes

CD8-1 Venus And Mars
CD8-2 Rock Show
CD8-3 Love In Song
CD8-4 You Gave Me The Answer
CD8-5 You Gave Me The Answer (Instrumental)
CD8-6 Magneto And Titanium Man
CD8-7 Letting Go
CD8-8 Venus And Mars (Reprise)
CD8-9 Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
CD8-10 Medicine Jar
CD8-11 Call Me Back Again
CD8-12 Listen To What The Man Said
CD8-13 Treat Her Gently/Lonely Old People
CD8-14 Rock Show (Alternate Early Take)
CD8-15 Mardi Gras In New Orleans
CD8-16 Piano Boogie
CD8-17 My Carnival (Early Take)
CD8-18 My Carnival (Take 1)
CD8-19 Reverse
CD8-20 My Carnival (Take 2)
Australian Tour Rehearsals
CD8-21 Funky Tune
CD8-22 Yesterday (Rehearsals Take 1)
CD8-23 Blackbird
CD8-24 Yesterday (Rehearsals Take 2)

With A Little Luck 1976-1977
Rude Studio Demos 1976

CD9-1 Old Siam Sir
CD9-2 Don’t You Wanna Dance (Early Take)
CD9-3 Don’t You Wanna Dance
CD9-4 How Do You Like The Lyrics?
CD9-5 Norfolk Broads
CD9-6 Dervish Crazy Moog
CD9-7 All It Needs Is A Darn Good Song
CD9-8 Fishy Matters Underwater
CD9-9 Fishy Matters Underwater (Oobu Joobu Mix)
CD9-10 Second (Soul Song)
CD9-11 Hey Man/Cards Up On The Table
CD9-12 Suicide
CD9-13 Love Awake
London Town Rehearsals And Alternates
CD9-14 London Town
CD9-15 Cafe On The Left Bank
CD9-16 I’m Carrying
CD9-17 Deliver Your Children
CD9-18 I’ve Had Enough
CD9-19 Famous Groupies
CD9-20 With A Little Luck
CD9-21 Morse Moose And The Grey Goose
CD9-22 Don’t Let It Bring You Down
CD9-23 Sea Melody
CD9-24 Fairy Tale

Mull Of Kintyre 1977-1978

CD10-1 London Town (Single Edit Version)
CD10-2 With A Little Luck (Single Edit Version)
CD10-3 Mull Of Kintyre (Studio Demo)
CD10-4 Mull Of Kintyre (Early Take)
CD10-5 Waterspout
CD10-6 Find A Way Somehow
CD10-7 Jamaican Hilite
CD10-8 The Pound Is Sinking
CD10-9 Wanderlust
CD10-10 After You’ve Gone
CD10-11 After You’ve Gone (Oobu Joobu Mix)
CD10-11 Backwards Traveller
CD10-12 Boil Crisis
CD10-13 Boil Crisis
CD10-14 Dress Me Up As A Robber (Guitar Demo)
CD10-15 Dress Me Up As A Robber (Early Demo)
CD10-16 Dress Me Up As A Robber (Early Demo Take 2)
CD10-17 Sugartime (Oobu Joobu Mix)
CD10-18 Waterspout (Early Demo Take 1)
CD10-19 Waterspout (Early Demo Take 2)
CD10-20 Waterspout (Final Take)
CD10-21 Girl’s School (Edit Version)
CD10-22 Mull Of Kintyre (Rehearsals)
CD10-23 Mull Of Kintyre (Promotional Edit Version)

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Too awesome, although I have an Everest size mountain of Beatles stuff there's no harm in adding 10 more discs ;).....thanks accountant!!
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