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Paul McCartney
McCartney Remixed and Remastered

Project Completed January 14, 2022

1. The Lovely Linda
2. That Would Be Something
3. Valentine Day
4. Every Night
5. Hot As Sun / Glasses
6. Junk
7. Man We Was Lonely
8. Oo You
9. Momma Miss America
10. Teddy Boy
11. Singalong Junk
12. Maybe I'm Amazed
13. Kreen - Akrore

It was fun to dig into this relatively lo-fi recording. Moving things to a more traditional mix helped a lot. It also helped to remove some of the double-tracked vocals. Enjoy!

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Thanks, Hummus. I know I was on you earlier....yada yada yada. But I have come to appreciate more, rather than frown upon. A note about McCartney... a deliberately lo-fi offering which served to musically separate him from The Beatles. Though it is frequently overlooked and downplayed, I like this album for its rawness; wholly unrefined musical ideas committed to tape with a minimum of tweaking and fine-tuning.

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I remember buying this album the day it came out. I've always been very fond of this release and 1971's 'Ram'.
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