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Paul McCartney & Wings

Wings Over Boston
Boston Garden
Boston MA
Audience Recording
128 kbps
Artwork Included

01. Audience
02. Venus And Mars >Rock Show
03. Jet
04. Let Me Roll It
05. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
06. Medicine Jar
07. Maybe I'm Amazed
08. Call Me Back Again
09. Lady Madonna
10. The Long And Winding Road
11. Live And Let Die
12. Picasso's Last Words
13. Richard Corey
14. Bluebird
15. I've Just Seen A Face
16. Blackbird
17. Yesterday
18. You Gave Me The Answer
19. Magneto And Titanium Man
20. My Love
21. Listen To What The Man Said
22. Let 'Em In
23. Time To Hide
24. Silly Love Songs
25. Beware My Love
26. Letting Go
27. Band On The Run
28. Hi Hi Hi

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Is this a Dan tape? I'm assuming it is, either way gotta check it out....thanks!!! (Looks like they either didn't play Soily that night or the taper ran out of tape....)

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This was the show that after Band on the Run, Jimmy announced he wasn't going back out to do the encores; according to Howie Casey-1 of the Horn players-Paul went in the dressing room and closed the door and made Jimmy an offer he couldn't refuse and backed it up with some physical 'suggestions'....Jimmy came out and did Hi Hi Hi and that was it..this is all documented in the latest issue of MOJO

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Thank you for making this available. I saw Wings in Cleveland on this tour. There was a site that had over half of the shows from this tour. Most sounded like they were recorded on those large cassette recorders with the speaker that were so popular at the time.

There were a few very good recordings, LA, Boston and Toronto.

Thanks again for making these available. I had many of these and lost them when my home was flooded.
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